Tides: Book Release

This is one of those stories that wrote itself. The storylines in “Tides” have been running in my head for years, but I never thought seriously about writing them down. When I finally did, it felt like coming home. I was born on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where surfing seems like an everyday thing.

I created the small town of Sea Glass Beach as the setting of my story. It is just an imaginary place that is a mix of several locations that I love, such as Mambo Beach in Curacao, Santa Monica Beach in California and my own hometown of Guayama.

Enjoy the slow pace of the Boulevard and the exciting world of surfing! The book is available on Amazon, CreateSpace, and other web retailers.

Tides cover front


Sun, sand, and waves, three words that summarize what life is like at Sea Glass Beach. The usually quiet village is hosting a surfing festival with the biggest names and brands in the sport. The Kalani siblings; a lawyer and an instructor, and their friends; an investor and a librarian, are surrounded by new visitors, unexpected situations and a tide of emotions as they find themselves as amateur contestants in the world of professional surfing.

Cover: Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos
Copyright © 2015 by Mara Oudenes-Cruz Ramos. All rights reserved.
Brave New Books (Singel Uitgevers), ISBN 9789402131734


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