Moonlight House

I’m a not a big club goer, but when I have been to one, I have had the time of my life. I love to dance and watch people. “Moonlight House” is the perfect club in my mind. It is located in the City, which is anywhere you want to place it, and therefore as close or far from you as you want.

These characters are a bunch of smart and hard working people. Too hard working at times. They have a dream, to have the hottest club in town and after two years of good management, good music, and good food, they have achieved it. Now the question remaining is: are they happy?

“Moonlight House” is the second book in the Bellesea & City series, preceded by “The Town.”

Read Moonlight House in Wattpad!

moonlight house


Moonlight House, the “it” place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet new people, becomes the place to mend broken hearts, find love and reach for the stars.


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