Planning Forever After

I started planning my wedding when I was seven years old. I knew what colors I wanted and which flowers. Only the groom was missing. As I grew up, my older cousins got married, and I got to see them saying their ‘I dos.’ Each of these occasions was paired with hilarity and a big load of passion. “Planning Forever After”, the third book in the Bellesea & City series, is spiced with memories of my family.

I always envisioned Thomas Morgan as the wedding planner. He was to be manly, analytic and with the kindest heart. Once I saw a picture of Jason Momoa with dreadlocks and that is how my wild circus artist Didier Bouchard came to existence Wedding planner and circus, you say?

Read “Planning Forever After” in Wattpad to find out!

planning forever after


Flowers, invitations, music… a Cinderella carriage… and an elephant. Thomas Morgan can arrange it all and make your wishes come true. What is so different about him? He is a straight male wedding planner, and I has slept with a bridesmaid… or two.



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