Why I Write for Free

At one point or another, especially when meeting new people, comes up the topic of being a writer.

Endless questions begin, like what sort of things I write (Happy Ever After Romance, in case you are wondering). Or if I have ever published a book (Tides and Love In Design so far). Then when I mention that I have more than ten finished books, comes the question: where can I find them?

The answer is simple. I write in Wattpad. I can’t complain about the nice amounts of reads that I get. Then people gets surprised that I do it for free.

Why? For starters, I have a day job that I love that brings me a decent pay. I have a long train commute that I use to write. So I don’t have dreams of becoming a best-selling writer. I just love telling stories.

The second reason was a message that I got from a reader. Most of them are in their late teens, depend on their parents for money and can’t afford to buy books. Of course, there are libraries, but sometimes their local library doesn’t have what they would like to read.

My reader thanked me for making my stories available for free. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to afford books. The truth is that her small statement made me feel darn good.

So if you feel like it, make a small piece of your talent available to those that can’t afford it. Their gratefulness is an awesome payment.


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