Valentine’s Kitchen

valentine-2Inspired by the people that help the less fortunate and expect nothing in return…

Dammit! We are really starting to run low on supplies. Later on, I will have to do a run through the food banks to see what they can donate.

“Alex? Are you here?” I hear my mom say from the kitchen.

“Yeah, in the pantry,”

“I want to introduce you to somebody,”

I walk outside and next to my mom, there is a guy about my age. His dark hair is parted on the side, and his cheeks have a pink tint from the biting cold outside.

“Alex, this is Dean, our newest volunteer. Dean, this is my son Alex,” Mom says.

“Nice to meet you, Dean. Welcome. Ma, I need to make a trip to the banks. We are low on everything. Maybe they have stuff in overstock from the donations of the holiday season,”

“Why don’t you bring Dean?”

“Great idea. Let’s go for a ride,” I say, grabbing my keys from the counter and my jacket.



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