Self-publishing and Me

20170930_181552The past year has been a period of intense learning and self-assessment. I realized that I can write stories, but self-publishing is another business. I love it. Producing my own books is the most enjoyable project I’ve taken. I get to plan, decide and perform every step, but as a rookie, I made many mistakes.

I was willing to learn and improve. I took a writing course to strengthen my editing skills and got myself immersed in learning how to make book layouts. Not only for the ones that will go to print, but the nightmare that is e-book formatting.

Getting the cover the way I wanted was also a difficult process. As a graphic designer, I have a hard time deciding on what I like, but after comparing the works of writers I admire, I realized not one design is standard. The best way forward for me was to make a cover I like that is also functional and overall is colorful.

I’m now in the final stages of republishing TIDES, not necessarily bigger but a lot better. The message is still the same, but oh boy, it is written correctly and certainly looks prettier.

Keep an eye out for it in November and I look forward to hearing what you think.


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