“I really loved reading this story. The excitement and adventure is awesome. I pretty much read it straight through.” – bonniebeach75

Sun, sand and waves; day in and out, the constant of life at Sea Glass Beach. The upcoming surfing festival sponsored by the high-profile brand Oceancrush will turn the usually quiet village into the place to be and be seen. Skye Kalani, the oldest of the Kalani siblings and a surfing instructor, missed his biggest opportunity when he was 18 years old and gets a new chance at this event. Dax Kalani, lawyer and weekend surfer, will have to return to the place where he lost his wife. Perfecting the hang five and making his family proud is university librarian, Kay Hale’s, only dream. After a battle with cancer puts life in perspective for investor Dylan Harris, he books a surfing lesson, and falls in love with the sport and the Kalani tribe. Anthony ‘Blue’ Smith, a professional surfer sponsored by Oceancrush, never knew what his heart missed until Luna Kalani fixed his dented board. Team Kalani will have to deal with more than the particular visitors, unexpected and funny situations, and a tide of emotions as they find themselves as amateur contestants in the world of professional surfing.

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244 pages; ISBN 978-1973820499; Fiction / Romance / Contemporary


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