It is amazing to go back to the place that inspired the boulevard where the Kalanis have their store in “Tides”. I refer to the BLVD at Mambo Beach in Curacao. I have taken some pictures and added the quotes from chapter 2 and 3 of “Tides” where my characters Dylan Harris and Skye Kalani describe the sites or talk about the places.

After the last turn on the road, it opens into a wide two-way street, and I see the big and colorful signs welcoming me to the beach. The area in front of it looks like a boulevard and at least there is a big parking lot.
Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

There are beachwear stores, restaurants, souvenir shops…

There is the scent […] and some sort of curly pastry dusted with sugar. I need to make sure to find out where that one comes from as it smells amazing.
Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”
As I get closer, I see a bar in the middle surrounded by glass tables and chairs, beach beds and lounging sofas full with tanned people in swimsuits.
Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”
It can be like that, just not here in this section of the beach in front of us. See, if you walk past the radio station at the beginning of the boulevard, that is where the quiet beach is. The sea there is quite flat, and the sand area is very wide, so it is perfect for families with small kids that want to have some fun in the water but be safe.
Skye Kalani, Chapter 3 “Not Interested”

After parking my car, I take the place in. It seems that I’m mistaken about this village. This is a very modern place and by the look at the directory at the entrance, it has much more than I anticipated. I need to find a store called Kalani and go straight to the counter.
-Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”
… there is even a radio station at the beginning of it, with their music blasting towards the beach area.
Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”
I keep walking on and in the middle of the beach area, I see white sails.

There is even a small swimming pool where people are sitting just soaking their legs, as it is not big enough to swim properly.
Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”
Hey, I’m having my lunch break now. Would you like to go and grab a bite here upstairs at Hibiscus?
Skye Kalani, Chapter 3 “Not Interested”

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