Gray Wolf Ranch

Gray Wolf Ranch

“This book had a very good story line, many details, and great characters. The emotions were perfectly placed and the book was not too dramatic, giving it an appeal that made me want to read even more.” – IcieCold

The Marshall brothers, four country boys with a passion for hospitality, have finally achieved their dream of running their idyllic vacation complex Gray Wolf Ranch. Rowtag Marshall, the general manager and oldest brother, has kept a secret since the day an accident permanently hurt his brothers during their childhood and has lived with the guilt of what happened since then. Huritt Marshall has worked hard to prove life has not been served to him on a silver tray, and he’s earned his success. Blindness has not stopped Istu Marshall from enjoying life and women, until an interesting man crosses his path. Feeling incapable of learning or finding love, Kitchi Marshall will prove everyone wrong. Chris Holt, a reformed dealer in search of an opportunity for a life on the right side of the law, gets hired as the newest farm hand and gets more than he hoped for, four brothers. The sighting of a gray wolf on the premises during their biggest challenges in life and in love will have them doubting if everything they knew is real. Is it a guiding spirit or a threat?

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235 pages; ISBN 978-1728826608; Fiction / Romance / Contemporary


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