On Tour

On Tour

“This was a really amazing book, there were many different perspectives. And Gabriella didn’t fall in love with the bands bad boy Joel, and Daan was insecure if he was good enough. I absolutely loved the fact Alex was a single parent, even though it’s sad he doesn’t get to spend all the time in the world with his son, he chooses to keep doing what he loves.” – realrtr

Gabriella Cruz, an experienced tour manager, signs up to go on the road with the famous rock band Pinch of Postal. Little did she know it would become the path for fixing hearts, backstage pranks, life threats, and falling in love.

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“You are one with some great ninja writing skills. I love your work. It’s so enthralling that the moment I start reading it I know I have to complete it asap. Great work. Write some more.”
– jagdeshwari


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