Moonlight House

Moonlight House, the “it” place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet new people, becomes the place to mend broken hearts, find love and reach for the stars.

The Town

Ximena Gaytan moves temporarily to the coastal town of Lonstino to work on her newest romance book and mend her recently broken heart, but will she find what she really needs among its five bachelors?

Shall We Dance?

Madison Turner gets an opportunity to join a dance show as an instructor… Then she meets her celebrity dance partner; difficult, un-cooperative game show host Fernando Sawyer, but underneath his attitude lies guilt, regret and fear for falling in love.

Balloon Animals

Overwhelmed children events stylist Tania Martin needed an assistant… and only ex-porn star Devin Cole—as a requirement to see his 5-year-old daughter again—applied for the job. The problem? Tania knows nothing about this, and Devin will make his best efforts to keep it a secret.

Gray Wolf Ranch

The sighting of a gray wolf on the vacation ranch premises of the Marshall brothers during their biggest challenges in life and in love will have them doubting if everything they knew is real.


Team Kalani will have to deal with more than particular visitors, unexpected and funny situations, and a tide of emotions as they find themselves as amateur contestants in the world of professional surfing.

Nina Cox Must Date

In her family’s eyes, geeky vintage toy seller Nina Cox refuses to grow up and settle down. Will she find ‘the one’ after agreeing to set up a dating profile with the help of her wheelchair-bound best friend Taylor?

Clover Village

The Garnett siblings run an old-fashioned handicraft store in Clover Village, a tourist hot spot on the way to the sea. Whether a tour bus filled with Japanese tourists, fashion freaks or honeymooners, plenty of adventures await.

A Wish with a Bow

After an ultimatum from her father to do something useful with her life, Callie Ericsson applies for a temporary vacancy at a mall during the holiday season. After seemingly rude janitor Brett throws her a birthday party, it leaves her wishing something special for Christmas.

Love In Design

After years of trying to break through, a team of graphic designers gets hired for a project that could be their biggest opportunity, yet their deepest secrets start to get revealed under pressure.