Short Story: Awkward Press Release

After a quick glance at the room full of press representatives, I look at Ben. He gives me a sheepish smile and I scowl. He should be the one facing the press instead of me. Our PR representative gives us a nod and we enter the room, cameras flashing from all sides. Ben trips as he comes inside, further cementing the notion that he’s doing something wrong. At 20 years old, his long limbs are still growing, perfect for playing center in our basketball team, but ungraceful for every day activities.

I take my place behind the microphone and he sits next to me. He makes a motion to take out his mobile phone and I give him a warning glare. A deep breath escapes me and it echoes throughout the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the press, thank you for joining us today. After weeks of speculation, it’s time that we set up the rumors straight. As you all know, Ben Kingston was the guest of honor at the Basketball Association banquet. A privilege for him and quite a proud moment for me as his manager and his team.”

I clear my throat and the press watches my every move.

“During the dinner portion of the event, Ben abandoned his table several times, leaving his food untouched. At first, no one seemed to notice, until people from the organization saw him entering a cleaning closet and visiting the bathroom several times. Contrary to the belief that he was doing something illegal, he had managed to sneak in a take out bag of ribs and kept washing his greasy hands and mouth in order to return to the event. At the table, he complained of a stomach ache to the waiter who asked if there was something wrong with the food. The event coordinator saw he was pale, rubbing his chest, and called for medical assistance. A team of paramedics entered the room and took Ben away, who everyone feared was having a heart attack from drug abuse. He was diagnosed with reflux from overeating. Now we’ll take some questions.”

The members of the press are speechless and Ben chuckles while thumbing a white tablet into his mouth.

One reporter raises her hand. “Can we get the address of your ribs place?”

The room explodes with booming laughter and I want Ben to choke on his antacids.


The Photoshoot

I really dislike having my picture taken. I even go to the extremes during a holiday to be the one behind the camera so I can be spared. BUT I needed a proper author picture, and I must admit that having my photo taken wasn’t that bad after all. It all started with getting professional makeup applied, which is something that I enjoy. Then I got to wear comfortable clothes and stand in front of a gorgeous background. All the while my dad was making me laugh and looking at the beautiful sea in Curacao (the place that inspired my romance “Tides”). My sister Naomi did a fantastic photography job (love having so much talent in the family), and I’m incredibly happy with the result.

Here are a few of the photos that didn’t make the final cut, but that were fun and cute as well. Enjoy!

IMG_1584 IMG_1585 IMG_1588 IMG_1596

Tides: The Inspiration for the Boulevard

It is amazing to go back to the place that inspired the boulevard where the Kalanis have their store in “Tides”. I refer to the BLVD at Mambo Beach in Curacao. I have taken some pictures and added the quotes from chapter 2 and 3 of “Tides” where my characters Dylan Harris and Skye Kalani describe the sites or talk about the places.

20150521_123015_resized-001After the last turn on the road, it opens into a wide two-way street, and I see the big and colorful signs welcoming me to the beach. The area in front of it looks like a boulevard and at least there is a big parking lot.

– Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

 20150521_123349_resized-001After parking my car, I take the place in. It seems that I’m mistaken about this village. This is a very modern place and by the look at the directory at the entrance, it has much more than I anticipated. I need to find a store called Kalani and go straight to the counter.

-Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

20150521_132333_resized20150521_132846_resizedThere are beachwear stores, restaurants, souvenir shops, there is even a radio station at the beginning of it, with their music blasting towards the beach area.

– Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

20150521_132513_resizedThere is the scent of fried fish in the air, and people walk around with bags of fries, yards of beer hanging from their necks, melting ice cream cones and some sort of curly pastry dusted with sugar. I need to make sure to find out where that one comes from as it smells amazing.

– Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

20150521_123712_resized-00120150521_123919_resizedI keep walking on and in the middle of the beach area, I see white sails. As I get closer, I see a bar in the middle surrounded by glass tables and chairs, beach beds and lounging sofas full with tanned people in swimsuits.

– Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

20150521_132827_resizedThere is even a small swimming pool where people are sitting just soaking their legs, as it is not big enough to swim properly. 

– Dylan Harris, Chapter 2 “Grommet”

20150521_132909_resizedIt can be like that, just not here in this section of the beach in front of us. See, if you walk past the radio station at the beginning of the boulevard, that is where the quiet beach is. The sea there is quite flat, and the sand area is very wide, so it is perfect for families with small kids that want to have some fun in the water but be safe. You can walk quite far into the water, and it just reaches your knees at the most.

– Skye Kalani, Chapter 3 “Not Interested”

20150521_123600_resized-001Hey, I’m having my lunch break now. Would you like to go and grab a bite here upstairs at Hibiscus?

– Skye Kalani, Chapter 3 “Not Interested”

For more information about this very fun place, visit: Curacao Beach Boulevard