27. Something Old

A lot has happened in Callie's life in the past year, and something old brings plenty memories back. 27. Something Old


25. The Tile Setter

Callie can't still believe her luck when she wakes up. Mr. Ericsson discloses a sweet detail from his past. 25. The Tile Setter

24. Eggnog

Callie spends the best Christmas ever. The hearty eggnog makes a few funny truths come out. 24. Eggnog

23. A Wish with a Bow

It is a now or never moment for Brett. Will he win Callie's heart back? 23. A Wish with a Bow

22. Christmas Guests

Christmas has arrived and Callie has lost all hope. Her situation is not helped by her hormonal sister. 22. Christmas Guests

21. Broken

 Callie gets love sick and nothing seems to make her better, until two letters come in the post. 21. Broken