Details and Timeline: BuJo for Writers No.2

Details and Timeline: BuJo for Writers No.2

In my previous post, we talked about how a little system in a bullet journal has helped me to keep track on the characters in a book. Another detail I find important to keep track of is all the locations that are mentioned in the storyline, especially if I made up a name. These can be town names, stores, restaurants, businesses, etc.

20171113_103812Food is another aspect that is important to me and my culture, and that is mentioned often throughout my books. My characters share meals when meeting new people, to celebrate something or to soothe their soul in a moment of sadness. Who knows, maybe one day I will collect them all and make a cookbook, but in the meantime, I have recorded them in my BuJo.

In the particular case of TIDES, a surfing competition takes place, and sponsors and brands are part of it. I didn’t want to go all deep into copyrighted names of real brands so I made up my own.

Music gives me the right mood when writing, but songs are also mentioned sometimes in the story. If you want to check out the playlist, you can check Tides in Spotify.

Finally, the timeline… a reviewer once complained that the characters in my story fall in love too quickly. While making the timeline, I realized that four months passed between the first chapter and the last. Some characters knew each other from before so it is plausible that they start a relationship along the way. Now I have proof!

What details would you like to keep track of in your own journal?

In the next post about bullet journaling for writers, we will talk about book editing and what I include in my checklist.