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the-townTHE TOWN (Book 1, Bellesea & City Series)

Wattpad Feature, June 2015. Ximena Roche’s publishers are pressuring her to come up with the newest romance book in her series. In search of peace and solitude to work and mend her recently broken heart, she moves temporarily to a new town, but will she find what she really needs among its five bachelors?

“Absolutely love this story, haven’t been able to put it down since I started. Can’t wait to read more of your work!” – NikkiSnell8

“Amazing! It’s like I wish it never ended. I feel I know them. They’re a part of me and the love Ximena shows for the kids is really melting. The ending is wonderful and I really am teary eyed!” – ashypooie

moonlight-houseMOONLIGHT HOUSE (Book 2, Bellesea & City Series)

Wattpad Feature, January 2016. Selected by Lays Wavy, November 2015. Moonlight House, the “it” place to eat, have a drink, dance to great live music and meet new people, becomes the place to mend broken hearts, find love and reach for the stars.

“I’ve loved this story from start to finish. Damn, I actually feel a little bit emotional and it’s not even my story. It’s been an amazing journey and you are an amazing story writer. Can’t wait to see this in print so I can say ‘I was there from the start’.” – biscuit_dunker

planning-forever-afterPLANNING FOREVER AFTER (Book 3, Bellesea & City Series)

Flowers, invitations, music… a Cinderella carriage… and an elephant. Thomas Morgan can arrange it all and make your wishes come true. What is so different about him? He is a straight male wedding planner and I has slept with a bridesmaid… or two.

“Really lovely story with such an original flair. You are a wonderful writer as evidenced in every line of this story.” – TheVandiShow

“I don’t know how you manage to do it, but you’ve done it again. […] I think it’s reflective of how happy and in love you are that you can write it all so perfectly.” – AnnieTheAuthor

baking-mrs-rightBAKING MRS. RIGHT (Book 4, Bellesea & City Series)

Writer Michael Redmont returns to the City after an absence of three years hoping to publish his newest travel adventures book while his twin brother Luke is working hard on the opening of his new boutique bakery. All odds are against their wishes coming true.

“Thank you for all the work you have put in order to get this finished. I think you have done a great job; your characters have depth and are realistic, not to mention that the whole thing is good reading.” -read4nada2

 clover-villageCLOVER VILLAGE

The Garnett siblings run an old fashioned handicraft store in Clover Village, a tourist hot spot on the way to the sea. Whether a tour bus filled with Japanese tourists, fashion freaks or honeymooners, plenty of adventures await.

“This was a simple yet delightful story and I enjoyed it immensely. Keep up the great work!” – vaguelyme

“It was beautiful. I loved the way you described the characters. Jesse became my favorite, but I loved all of them. Once again, I loved it.” – SreyaGupta


A Wish with a Bow ENA WISH WITH A BOW

Callie Ericsson has gone through life making what seems terrible mistakes. After an ultimatum from her father to do something useful with her life, she applies for a temporary vacancy at a mall during the holiday season. After seemingly rude janitor Brett throws her a birthday party, it leaves her wishing something special for Christmas.

“Delightful story. Down to earth and heartwarming.” – knoni2006

“Refreshing. I like reading sweet and simple romances. So much in real life weighs us down. This makes me feel lighter, happy.” – lisacldmom2ksd

Nina Cox Must Date 12112017NINA COX MUST DATE

In her family’s eyes, geeky vintage toy seller Nina Cox refuses to grow up and settle down. Will she find ‘the one’ after agreeing to set up a dating profile with the help of her wheelchair-bound best friend Taylor?

“What a great story. I liked how you included challenges and experiences of life, disabilities and dating.” – SusanDaniels




Overwhelmed children events stylist Tania Martin needed an assistant… and only ex-porn star Devin Cole -as a requirement to see his 5-year-old daughter again- applied for the job. The problem? Tania doesn’t know anything about this, and Devin will make his best efforts to keep it a secret.

“I love Latino people. Their life is filled with drama. Beautifully written. I enjoyed every moment.” – Adatracy