Self-publishing and Me

The past year has been a period of intense learning and self-assessment. I realized that I can write stories, but self-publishing is another business. I love it. Producing my own books is the most enjoyable project I've taken. I get to plan, decide and perform every step, but as a rookie, I made many mistakes. … Continue reading Self-publishing and Me


Valentine’s Kitchen

Inspired by the people that help the less fortunate and expect nothing in return... Dammit! We are really starting to run low on supplies. Later on, I will have to do a run through the food banks to see what they can donate. "Alex? Are you here?" I hear my mom say from the kitchen. … Continue reading Valentine’s Kitchen

My Covers in Wattpad

I'm still amazed at the fact that I have written so much in the past two years. It is almost as if all those stories were just waiting to come out of my head. Making the cover of each book has given me incredible pleasure as well.

Baking Mrs. Right: the Playlist

I loved making this playlist. It is filled with fun and sweet music. I guess that my pick from this one has to be "Bake a Cake for You." I didn't even remember when I heard it for the first time, but it is the perfect one for Luke and his bakery adventures. He has … Continue reading Baking Mrs. Right: the Playlist

Baking Mrs. Right

After writing "The Town" and "Moonlight House", I had a hard time saying goodbye to Luke, Michael, Oliver, Tristan, and Jordan. I always wondered how their lives would turn out as they had very unfortunate circumstances as children. And that is how "Baking Mrs. Right", the fourth book of the Bellesea & City series, came … Continue reading Baking Mrs. Right

Wattpad Feature: Moonlight House

I'm really excited! Wattpad has picked Moonlight House, the second book of the Bellesea & City series to be featured today. This is the second of my books that get selected to be featured. “Moonlight House” is the hottest club in the city, and the story follows the lives of five friends and club owners … Continue reading Wattpad Feature: Moonlight House

Why I Write for Free

At one point or another, especially when meeting new people, comes up the topic of being a writer. Endless questions begin, like what sort of things I write (Happy Ever After Romance, in case you are wondering). Or if I have ever published a book (Tides and Love In Design so far). Then when I … Continue reading Why I Write for Free